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Hey, Jason Wellington Strachan here!

And if you're reading this page...Then its likely you're a man or woman who is ready to experience a true business breakthrough.

Most people who hire me for copywriting are serious direct response marketers. They're people who understand their business. Have launched successful products (often already making millions online). And who, funnily enough, don't actually "need" me!

However, the reason they hire me is because; very often they reach a point where they realize that in order to take their business to the next level ... they cannot do it all alone.  

They need someone with the proven talent, track record expertise and marketing knowledge to help create stunning marketing promotions for them that can add potentially millions of dollars to their bottom line. 

Does this sound like you? 

If so, then its possible you could be a perfect client for me. And I could be a "dream-come-true" copywriter for you.

However, rather than 'toot my own horn' please view the list of testimonials and success stories at the bottom of the page, demonstrating what others I've worked with have had to say about me, and the results THEY'VE experienced. 


(If you can AGREE to more than one of these statements then its very likely that I'm the guy you want.)

A) You have lots of “information” and expertise but don’t lack the time to organize your content into sell-able info-tainment packages.

B) You need high converting sales pages and marketing pieces that get visitors to buy your stuff. 

C) You need sales videos to help make it easy for busy people to get pitched on your products. 

D) You need landing and squeeze pages: to help funnel your traffic into email lists so they can be messaged until purchasing. 

E) You need paid ads to help create the lures that will pull clicks to those landing pages above. 

F) You need email sequences to help create multiple messages to those lists that push the paid traffic subscribers to become customers.

G) You need Blog and social posts: to help you create money-making content that is actually going to convert fans and followers into buyers. 

H) You need Printed materials: in this digital age, even though it can be pricy to mail prospects, because mailing existing customers is a great way to stand out. 

 If you agree to having any of these problems, I can help you fix them. However, I don’t expect you to believe me now. I haven't earned your trust yet. Which is why I’d like to help you in ADVANCE. UPFRONT. FOR FREE. AT NO COST TO YOU. By offering you a FREE 30 Minute Consultation (a real $200) value.

During this call,  I'll listen to you describe your biggest goal, or business problem facing you right now... and help you create a plan to SMASH through it live on the call!

It'll be a fascinating call and you'll get a heck of a lot from it.  I'll tell you more about what you'll get on "the call" in just second. But first, please scroll down the page and take a look at what others have to say about working with me ....
"Very nice piece of work, if you don't mind I'll use it as one of my Halbertisms and give you credit for writing it." 

Gary Halbert - Copywriting Legend.
Advertising Legend Drayton Bird Say’s
 Jason has Real Talent!"

Apart from your odd grammar which doesn’t matter when half your readers are illiterate and which I blame on whoever failed to teach you, you have real talent, admirable persistence and as much front as the Bank of England.

Drayton Bird - author of 'How to Write
 Sales Letters that Sell'
“Conversion Rate 4%!" - AMAZING!
“I had 8783 unique visitors and sold 373 tickets... so a conversion rate of 4%”. That is amazing! Jason is great fun to work with and best of all, he gets brilliant results.

- Stephanie J. Hale
Co. Founder of the Millionaire Bootcamp for Women
My go-to trusted direct response copywriter …

Jason has written copy for three products of mine and each has been exceptional, and converted really well. He has a genuine enthusiasm for great copy, is fun to work with, hits his deadlines on time, but most of all—he gets results! If you want web or other copy that actually helps you sell, then don’t settle for fluff, hire the best... 

— Tony Almeidia - Publisher of TSB Magazine
"A Fantastic Copywriter!

"Jason is not only a pleasure to work with, but a fantastic copywriter. His copy has directly generated thousands of dollars in additional sales for us" 

 -- David Messent* Stillbloom Publishing Ltd

“More Than DOUBLED My Conversion- WOW!"

"The intensity Jason brings to a project is nothing short of inspiring. The sales letter he wrote for my 'A Bug Free Mind Site' is pulling at an astonishing 28.3%...and on the one time offer page he did for me he has more than DOUBLED the conversion. Raising it from 11.11% to 26.08% thats an increase over 134%! I thanked Jason in my second book for providing me the clarity to explain to people what the hell I was talking about. Most business people cannot define their biggest benefit and make that clear to prospective buyers. Usually because we are too close to the subject. This is just one of his many talents. I would highly recommend him, and am very pleased to consider him a friend!

Andy Shaw - Author of 'A Bug Free Mind'

“Jason Strachan is a young, fired up, enthusiastic writer, with fantastic talent for creating powerful direct marketing sales messages, which simply “connect” with people, and get response. Talk to him about your next copywriting project his work is outstanding.

Nick James, UK entrepreneur 
Power-Tech Associates Limited
“Jason was a street punk I dragged out of utter crap. I love him. He’s …arrogant but TOTALLY BRILLIANT. Hire him. And if you won’t pay him up-front… you don’t deserve him!"

Alan Forrest Smith - Orange Beetle Marketing

Exceeded All My Expectations
The copywriting job he did for me exceeded all my expectations. Delivering a “BREATHTAKING” piece of direct response copy that left my joint venture partner wanting more. Hire him now – If he is available.

Stewart Alexander – Founder & Amazon Best selling Author “ We Help Plastic Surgeons Get New Patients and Cases” – London UK
Integrity Is Just As Important As Skill
… And You Have Bags Of Both!

“Jason, I just want to say that you definitely have a way with words. You are brilliant at what you do, and I appreciate you. For me integrity is just as important a skill, and you possess both of these qualities. As far as I’m concerned – YOU are one of the best copywriters out there today! Thanks for all your help.

Jos Hall – Director at Leveraging Strategic Alliances Corp (MarshaWright.com)
“One of the Very Best Up and Coming Copywriters In the World Today!

“Jason with the killer copywriting skills I taught you, you are now equipped to become a lethal weapon in writing sales messages. And that ultimately gives you…and your clients…an UNFAIR advantage in creating ads that kill the competition, without question, you are one of the best up and coming writers out there today!

Brett Mcfall – 
Founder of the World internet Summit
“11% Increase in Conversion Since Using Jason’s Copy!

“The sales letter Jason wrote for me attracted an amazing 11.1% in increased conversion. When I need copy that kicks, I look no further."

Nicola Cairncross - Internet Marketing Strategist.

“Jason Really Does Deliver Copy And Advice That Give Clear, Tangible Results."

Jason was recommended to me by a trusted colleague, Nicola Cairncross. Jason not only provided great copy, he also made sure I remained central to the process, giving me the confidence to trust myself to put my own thoughts online in sales copy. Jason really does deliver copy and advice that give clear, tangible results.

Amechi Udo - Career Change Specialist.

4% Conversion - DYNAMITE!

Hi Jason, Stephanie told me the sales page you wrote is converting at 4% - Dynamite!!

Mark Anastasi - New York Times Best Selling Author The Laptop Millionaire.
They Hired Me, And Were Delighted With The Results. 
Now It Could Be YOUR Turn To Make Money Thanks To 
My Proven Copywriting And Marketing Strategies...
But before I continue...

There IS A 'Catch' To Working With Me: A Very Unusual One...

You see, while I love working with a few selected clients, maybe even you.

I've been "around the block" long enough to recognise there's clients you shouldn't even touch with a six foot barge pole! 

So I'll let you know upfront that I don't work with "everybody".  In order to qualify to work with me you MUST ....

A) Be an established business with existing products ( In exceptional circumstances, I am willing to help you IF you're just starting out and I believe your product or service has enormous potential. That said, I'm looking for established businesses - see point 2 below)

B) Must have a database of at least 2,000-10,000+ paying customers (depending on your market niche) AND/OR a turnover of at least £500,000.00 a year.

C) You already have a product or service which isn't bringing in the sales revenue it should be.

D) You are ready and willing to invest in my services (without haggling over my fees). If I was a lawyer and your life depended on me winning the case... or you getting put to death,  would you try to knock me down on price? Remember. My marketing materials have the potential to make you a five, six, even seven-figure profit. Plus prompt payment sets the tone for our ongoing business relationship.

E) You MUST (and this is the most important point) allow me to create sales materials which I know work, with NO changes (apart from ensuring factual accuracy). If we work together, you'll be hiring me for my expertise, and hopefully not to alter everything I write.

Right then. Now you've seen my credentials, what I'm looking for in my ideal client, and what others think of me and my copywriting skills...

Here's How I Can Help You Make More Money 
And More Sales More Often In YOUR Business...

Listen, I might host a podcast. But I'm no "guru" Gurus sit around contemplating their navels – and little else. I’m a working copywriter who just happens to like sharing my insights with others.

I am available on a limited basis for copywriting (for direct mail packages, sales letters, ads, e-mail marketing campaigns, and Web pages).

And you are invited to send me your contact details in the box below.

I am NOT asking you for any money at this time, and sending your details to me requires no obligation on your part.
Once I receive your details (see box immediately below), you will be sent a brief marketing questionnaire to complete and return to me (via email) about the product(s) and/or service(s) you wish to promote.

Whilst not particularly long, it will give me a much clearer idea of what you're looking to achieve with your sales and marketing, the type of copy you're interested in using (webpages, ads, mailings, etc.), and how I might be able to help you put a concrete framework to your project.

If I'm available to take your assignment, I'll tailor a marketing package to fit your requirements, and we can take things from there.
To receive my no-obligation marketing questionnaire, plus your FREE consultation simply complete your details in the boxes below...
I look forward to speaking with you soon!

To our shared success!

Jason Wellington Strachan

Top Direct Response Copywriter

P.S. Do you DREAM of seeing a cool million dollars cash in your bank account???

Well, there's only ONE way your business dreams can become reality ...

And that's if the 'words' you use to sell your product... convert.

And that's exactly what I can give you. Take a close look at some of the results (below)

See for yourself the results & profits the words I write have created for my own business and for others like you below...
once you've done that I'd like to invite you to fill out the form above to get in touch... 

Let's not delay!

The more time you waste... the more competitive your market becomes and the great opportunity you have to really dominate your market continues to dwindle away further and further out of your reach!
Amazing 84% conversion rate - landing page
Video sales letter (VSL) converting at 7.73% with an up-sell of roughly 15% on a $411 product.
A client hired me to sell her Millionaire Bootcamp for Women Event in London. The sales letter achieved a 4% response and sold OUT every seat!  

*The client proceeded to hire me again the following year with another sales letter and it SOLD OUT again!*
Amazing 84% conversion rate - landing page
The first JV launch / marketing funnel I was hired to build sold over $1,000,000 MILLION. - Please ask to see the PRIVATE launch case study.
A sales page I re-wrote for a clients membership site achieved a 23.8% conversion and DOUBLED the OTO conversions from 11.11% to 26.08% that’s an increase of over 134%.
A simple sales letter I wrote for a client helped sell out 6 high ticket events in 6 different countries.
A Video Sales Letter I wrote for that same client sold out TWO of his high- end events at £5,997 ($9,995 per ticket (20+ people at each event) One held in Las Vegas one in London. 
Marketing Funnel for New Personal Development Law Product generates mid 6 figure rev on first launch.
And this is Just A TINY Handful Of The Results 
I've Helped People Like You Achieve In Their Businesses...

When we talk ask me about the 'Ultimate Men's Dating Offer'
 I've just created... and the new product launch we recently did... :)
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